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How to choose the Right Real Estate Contract For Deed Agent

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Today’s sellers require an agent who serves as a strategic partner to guide them through the selling process and help get their home in front of a large audience of potential buyers.

Eighty-nine percent of sellers list with an agent, and they value an agent’s ability to bring interested buyers to the home above all. Sellers also find their agent’s ability to guide them through the process of selling lead contract negotiations  and take photographs of their home  to be very or extremely valuable.

While over one-third of sellers are attempting to try and go it alone without this strategic partner, challenges lead many of them to eventually enlist the help of an agent. Ultimately, only 11 percent of sellers sell their home without partnering with an agent.


Trust Is a Big Deciding Factor

Finding the right agent can be pain staking nearly one-third  of sellers who use an agent to sell their home say it’s challenging to find that right strategic partner. Similar to buyers, sellers frequently find their listing agent through referrals, online resources  or past experiences with this agent.

First-time sellers use an agent they had experience with previously, while nearly a quarter of them rely on online resources to find an agent.  Some repeat sellers use an agent they’ve worked with previously.

Sellers want responsive, knowledgeable agents they feel they can trust. The seller’s 1st impression of the agent’s trustworthiness is the top factor they use to decide which agent to use. Also their impression of the agent’s responsiveness. This mirrors the same requirements buyers have.

The agent’s local market knowledge is also important to a seller. Sellers typically find agent’s  in their local real estate market knowledge to be important in helping them decide which agent to work with, and nearly 3 in 4 sellers also rate a positive reputation in the community as important.If  the agent doesn’t have a track record of success.  Sellers indicate that having a strong sales history is important in helping them to decide between agents.

Clues to whether an agent is trustworthy or has a good track record can be found in the online reviews left by other sellers. Half of sellers find online reviews and ratings of the agent to be important in helping them decide which agent to work with.


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