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Contact us below for all your Real Estate Needs. We will respond very quickly.

If you are seeking some sort of creative financing let us know. We have MN homes contract for deed in Cities thru out the state of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Finding a Contract for deed home can be very challenging.

Where do you start looking? Do you Buy or do you Rent to Own-Should you get a Mortgage these are the questions we receive all the time. 1st if you can get a Mortgage that is the best way to go.

We can help you find a lender and get pre-approved then start the process of searching for your dream house.

Rates on a FHA mortgage are always lower than cd financing. Usually, the buyer can get into a home with as low as 3 to  3.5% down.

Contract For Deed

Conventional loans usually want a minimum of 3 to 5 % down but the home buyer will have to pay for Mortgage insurance if they do not put 20% down or more.

Va is a great program for Veterans . Most of the time getting a VA loan the vets don’t have to put any money down and save money on closing costs.

“Contract for deed Financing”  

This is a lot trickier than getting a mortgage. You can search Google-Yahoo-Craiglists-classified ads and still may not find many homes. Also are they crooks? Be careful buying a home on a contract for deed unless you have a seasoned contract for deed Real Estate Broker/Realtor.

We have been helping families buy homes on a contract for deed in Minnesota for over 27 years .

Why wait for your credit to get better? We understand people have hiccups in their lives we are all human. You don’t have to wait we can help you find a home as quick as 7 days if the property is vacant.

Owner financing and work with creative financing daily. Some types of financing is Rent To Own-Carry back mortgages-Cd-Home rentals-Leases and more.

We search the MLS for Contract for deed homes and work with investors to help you Buy or Sell your property.

Our web site is an IDX Multiple Listing Service site designed to let you search the entire MLS for listings that suite your needs.

With a click of the button, you may search for Waterfront properties-condo-town houses-Cabins-Single family-New construction-Investment even commercial listings.

Contract for deed Sellers usually want 10% down of the sale price of the Property to do a cd.

We have investors that will finance homes in the 7 county Metro area. There are a lot of properties for sale in the Twin Cities Metro area and suburbs to choose from. Investors do charge a premium it can be from 4% to 10% depending on which investor we use. The buyer can choose any home they want. Credit usually isn’t an issue.

What is a contract for deed?

It’s an alternative financing tool to help buyers purchase a property without getting a mortgage through a lender-Mortgage company-credit union ECT.

“Always use a title company or law office to close on a contract for deed sale and make sure they are recording the deed.”

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    Minnesota Homes Contract For Deed