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Minnesota Homes Contract For Deed

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    BUSINESS INCOME: If you have income, asset and credit documents to upload, you can do so BEFORE submitting the application. Otherwise, you will receive instructions to submit documents via email from investor.
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    7. What is your desired timeline to payoff the contract for deed? - Our program goal is intended for up to 5 years. There are premium discounts if the balance is paid off within 3 years. Flexibility for sole owners up to 10 years) *
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    10. Any additional information that will be helpful. Recent self-employment, recent bankruptcy/foreclosure, tax debts, judgments, contingent on sale of current home, timing for when you want to purchase, pending divorce/litigation, etc. Include any specific geographic needs here as well (city, school district, etc.)
    If you have 20%-25% Down of the sale price of the home we will find you a home. Our cd program requires a 10% up -charge on the final sale price to pick out any home on the market. We also have homes with 10%-20% down that sellers offer financing with no up -charge.
    Appointment - In general, what is the best time of the day for following up to finalize approval?